Packing and shipping your radio

Philco 49-902

Shipping address only - No drop offs

Vintage Radio
144 N. Beverwyck Rd., #208
Lake Hiawatha NJ 07034

As long as you take the time to pack your radio well, the chances of it being damaged in transit will be minimal. It is always recommended that you double box your radio. Always include a note in your shipment so I'll know who owns it and how to contact you.

Depending on what you have, you may be able to ship the radio intact or you may have to remove the chassis and speaker from the cabinet. Small table radios pack easily, but you may want to consider removing the chassis if the cabinet is especially fragile or unusually heavy. For larger table radios with wooden cabinets such as cathedrals or tombstones, it is recommended you remove the chassis from the cabinet otherwise expect to pay more in shipping fees. But if you do ship the cabinet, be sure to protect the grille and front of the cabinet with a piece of cardboard when you bubble wrap it. If you have a floor model radio, then the chassis must be removed from the cabinet.

For those instances where you'll be shipping a chassis, please be sure to also remove the speaker from the cabinet as it will be needed to test your radio. If the radio has a seperate antenna, you'll also need to ship that with the chassis and speaker. When shipping a speaker, protect the cone with a flat piece of cardboard placed across the opening of the speaker. It is also recommended that you remove the tubes from the chassis, wrap them individually and pack them together in a small box along with the chassis. Speaker and chassis can be packed in the same box provided there is sufficient padding to safely secure them in place.

Begin by wrapping your radio in several layers of bubble wrap and placing it into a box with at least 4" clearance on all sides, top and bottom. Using crumpled newspaper, pad the bottom of the box, place your wrapped radio inside and then secure it with crumpled newspaper padding on all sides and the top. Now place this box into a larger box with at least 6" clearance on all sides, padding the bottom, top and sides with crumpled newspaper. Place a large shipping label on the box with my shipping address and your return address clearly visible.

If you need advice on preparing your chassis or speaker for shipping or have a general question about how to best ship your radio, call or email me and I'll he happy to assist whatever way I can.