Speaker Reconing

Before reconing After reconing
Before reconing After reconing

With a speaker recone, it's possible to make that antique radio, vintage guitar amp or classic jukebox sound like new again. It also allows you to preserve some of the originality of your equipment by reusing your original frame.

When doing a recone, all of the working components (paper cone, voice coil, spider and tinsel wire) are removed and replaced. The voice coil gap will be cleaned and new parts will be fitted and aligned into your frame. Only the highest quality recone parts are used, and all recones come with a 1 year warranty**. All of the recone parts and kits I use are high quality, first run production components.

You can find recone prices here, or click here to request a quote for your specific speaker.

Antique Radio Note: If your speaker uses a voice coil smaller than 1/2" diameter, I will not be able to rebuild it. My inventory has run out and thoses sizes are no longer available from any of my suppliers. This affects mostly 4" and 5" speakers.

Antique Radio Note: I use conventional speaker cones in all of my recone work. If your speaker uses an old center mount spider/cone assembly, that replacement is not available. I do not reuse your original parts. I will recone your speaker using a stock cone with new conventional spider and voice coil fitted to your speaker frame. When your recone is completed, the speaker will be in good working order but will not have the look of the original.

**Voice coil burnouts, physical abuse and damage caused by misuse of the speaker are not covered and will void recone warranty.