Radios & Speakers for Sale

Unless noted otherwise, radios have been overhauled with new capacitors, power cord, vacuum tubes to replace marginal or defective ones, and resistors where out-of-tolerance ones were found. Additional parts would have been replaced as needed. Radios come with a 6 month warranty covering parts and workmanship.

Please contact me if you have any questions about anything shown on this page. Every effort has been made to represent each item as correctly and honestly as possible.

Emerson 653B (1950)

Emerson 653B

A nice 5 tube radio. Bakelite cabinet is in good condition, no chipping or cracking. Back is fair. Knobs are not original to this model, but are correct Emerson reproductions. Recapped, aligned, plays well.

Approx. 11"X6"X8"


Gilfillan 56A (1946)

Gilfillan Model 56A

The top and sides of this radio are not as dark as appears in the photo. It was refinished at some point in the past, but does show some minor wear. In addition to the usual overhaul services, this radio also has new power switch / volume control, dial scale cover, grill cloth and the speaker was reconed.

Approx. 13"X7"X8"