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Preserving the past, one tube radio at a time.

Providing antique radio repair and restoration services since 2003, with a reputation built on quality workmanship. Located in New Jersey with satisfied customers nationwide.

Tube radio (1930's thru 1950's)
Transistor radio (1950's & 1960's)
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What's the number 1 reason why your radio may not play well?

If your radio has never been recapped, it's probably bad capacitors. It's always recommended to begin any repair by first replacing those old paper/wax and electrolytic capacitors. They were never designed to have a working life this long. It may be possible to repair your radio by replacing individual faulty capacitors but since these are age related failures, it would only be a matter of time before another capacitor fails and the radio will need to be repaired again. And since time spent replacing them all is less than the time needed to measure and test each individual capacitor, it's more cost effective. The radio will play better and be much more reliable.

How much does it cost to repair a radio?

The cost to completely recap a tube radio depends on the number of tubes. If your radio is all original, then a complete recap will often correct many of the common problems (excessive hum, weak reception, etc.) caused by aging components. Prices start at $90.00 for a 5 tube radio.

The cost to repair your transistor radio is a flat rate plus the cost of parts. Rates range from $35.00 to $60.00, depending on how many bands are on your radio and the number of transistors.

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Speaker reconing is also available for most vintage speakers used in guitar amplifiers, jukeboxes and classic cars. Click here for details.

I also recone vintage speakers used in guitar amplifiers, jukeboxes and classic cars.

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